NJR Spill Response Goes International!

Manual shoreline tilling and flushing by clean-up crew

In September 2023, NJR supported an oil spill response in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A fire at a chemical facility caused the release of several oil types into a drainage canal that ran through the city. Acting as Shoreline Treatments Assessment Technique (SCAT)/Operations Liaison, NJR helped operations to implement spill response best practices to ensure an efficient and effective clean-up effort. Recovery methods included tilling, sediment mixing, sediment relocation, low-and high-pressure flushing, and other manual methods. Metropolitan responses always have their share of unique challenges, but NJR was able to support the response efforts and assist in another successful clean-up effort.

Whether it’s at home or abroad, NJR is ready to respond on your behalf. We have decades of experience in emergency response and our passion is leveraging that expertise into our preparedness and response services. We balance tried-and-true fundamentals and concepts with modern solutions for modern issues.

Sediment mixing and flushing to release submerged oil
High and low pressure flushing into sorbent boom

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