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We strive to improve each participant’s capability for actually responding to a real event.

Clean Gulf 2022 is right around the corner!

NJR is sponsoring the Training and Exercise Best Management

Nicole Franks, NJR President, will be participating in an exciting panel discussion on artificialities associated with spill response exercises, and speaking about designing exercises as part of an ongoing preparedness program.

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What We Do

Our expertise with the Incident Command System and emergency management can enable your employees to better understand how to respond and feel more comfortable in doing so, no matter their role or responsibility.


NJR works in partnership with our clients to develop their emergency response plans. Each response plan is client-specific, realistic and clear.


NJR has a long-standing, demonstrated ability to provide our clients with relevant, realistic and dynamic exercises.


NJR training ranges from the basics of the Incident Command System (ICS), to command-level ICS training and operational response.


Workshops combine aspects of training, discussion, and practice (exercises) in a no-fault, learning environment.

GIS Mapping/COP

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysis and mapping of response assets, strategies, and data management within an Incident Command System framework.

Responder Qualification

Let us standardize and manage your global training program. NJR will work with you to develop your corporate Performance Qualification Standard (PQS)

Incident Management Team

NJR is now formally offering Qualified Individual (QI) and Incident Management Team (IMT) services accessible via a 24-hour dispatch center.

Response Tools

NJR can provide a wide-range of proven response materials that give your team the tools they need to succeed.

NJR and DisasterTech

NJR teams with DisasterTech to provide innovative software solutions of incident management and exercise facilitation

Representative Clients