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Yes, NJR specializes in the development and conduct of customer specific training programs on a variety of safety, incident management, and environmental topics.  View our Training Services

Yes, NJR provides safety, and regulatory compliance training globally. Training can cover response management and personnel safety training for oil and gas industry, and shipping. Our programs are custom-tailored to the unique operating systems of each customer. NJR has OSHA-authorized Instructors that maintain their train-the-trainer qualifications. NJR customizes client training by understanding and meeting regulatory requirements.

Yes, NJR issues a certificate and maintains a current record of all training provided. Each certificate is tracked in a NJR database by a unique numbering system.

No, NJR training is not just lecture.  Training can be comprised of activity-based presentations, with hands-on exercises designed to meet client-specific needs.  Participants are directly engaged in guided interactive problem-solving.  Training can be conducted in the field, at on-site job-related locations, or in a traditional classroom setting.  Training locations can be combined by utilizing classroom and field activities to demonstrate, and practice operational skill-sets.

Yes, NJR instructors are familiar with both the US Incident Command System and the International Incident Management System promulgated by IPIECA.

NJR offers: 

  • ICS/IMS 100, 200, 300, 320, 400, 700, and 800 
  • Section-specific training: 
    • Command 
    • Safety 
    • Public Information 
    • Liaison 
    • Operations 
    • Planning 
    • Situation Unit 
    • Environmental Unit 
    • Resources Unit/Resource Management 
    • Documentation Unit 
    • Logistics 
    • Finance 

NJR offers all levels of HAZWOPER training, and will assist you in determining your safety training needs.  NJR tailors its HAZWOPER to each client/facility’s operations, rather than giving a generic course. 

  • Incident Prevention Training 
  • Crisis Management 
  • Business Continuity 

Yes, NJR can conduct training using Teams or any client’s video/conferencing system that allows screen-sharing. 

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