We offer a wide-range of topics designed to make training a positive learning experience.

NJR training ranges from in-house training on the basics of the Incident Command System (ICS), to command-level ICS training and operational response in an emergency.

Training Topics

Classroom or Online

  • Incident Management Team (IMT) Response
  • Incident Command System (ICS)/Incident Management System (IMS), all levels
  • Qualified Individual (QI)
  • Crisis Management
  • Leadership and Management in Emergency Conditions
  • Spill Prevention
  • Media, Public, and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Site Assessment and Atmospheric Monitoring
  • Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER)
  • Environmental Unit Training
  • Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Technique (SCAT)
  • Dispersant and In-situ Burn Operational Planning
  • STOP THE BLEED® Course

NJR is now offering ONLINE Training

We work closely with agencies regulating your operations. We understand how regulations are interpreted because we work with them continually and often interact with the authorities on the needs and requirements of each respective client. We have established relationships with agency representatives who would be involved in an actual event, and who review and evaluate your exercise and compliance activities.

NJR has personnel located both on the Gulf Coast and the West Coast.  Our clients range from small waste handlers to large-scale, multi-national corporations who use us for training and exercise conduct throughout the world.  No client is too small or too large.

We take pride in making training a positive, active experience

NJR understands what makes a class a success.  Our knowledge, experience and resources helps us design training programs that many participants have commented that they enjoyed and learned practical concepts of incident command, crisis management and emergency preparedness.