NJR has a long-standing, demonstrated ability to provide our clients with relevant, realistic and dynamic exercises.

We will work with you to develop what you need. Exercises take into account regulatory requirements, and interaction with local, state, and federal/national agencies. We take pride in conducting exercises that are realistic for all involved.

Purpose of NJR Exercises

NJR Exercises are custom designed to address all-hazards or single hazards driven by our client objectives.  Our range of exercises can include small, targeted audiences with a single agency as well as a large complex response that involves multiple agencies.

Exercises can be tabletop or full-scale with a large Incident Command Post (ICP) and equipment deployment.  Each exercise will address incident and crisis management in all phases from initial response to completion of the Operational Planning Cycle.

We have run successful exercises worldwide, with or without equipment deployment involving multiple locations, command posts and/or languages.

NJR will customize the exercises to our client’s unique needs.

Exercise Facilitation

  • Highly experienced staff operating a “Truth” or “SimCell” representing the world outside the exercise response
  • Use of injects to drive forward exercise play and development
  • Exercise Controllers
  • Evaluation Coordinator and evaluators for all ICS roles and responsibilities
  • A robust evaluation process with skilled evaluators
  • Incident Management Team coaches for all functions/positions
  • Real-time gathering of data for evaluation and integration into an After Action Report (AAR) using NJR proprietary ExCom software
  • Completion of an After Action Report (AAR)
  • Interactive media and social media simulation
  • Badging

The Exercise Development Process

  • Development and coordination from the Concepts and Objectives Meeting to the Initial, Mid-Term, and Final Planning Conferences
  • Creation of a Common Operating Picture (COP)
  • Creation of oil spill map and trajectory information
  • Overflight information
  • Local environmental issues and identification of sensitive sites and species
  • Tactical and non-tactical resource tracking
  • Inject development

Exercises + Training = Success!

Many of our clients find it beneficial, both professionally and economically, to combine our training and exercise programs. Working with you, we can set up a schedule to conduct training on the day or two leading up to an exercise. This allows the training to be reinforced by the exercise and feeds an ongoing cycle of improvement.