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We take pride in providing a unique, tried, and trusted model to conduct a successful exercise. This includes the use of a SimCell, experienced exercise coordinators and evaluators, real-time data and evaluation collection, and, from start to finish, solid interaction with an Exercise Design Team that includes our clients.

The Exercise Design Team helps research the areas where the incident may occur, and through trusted modeling, produce a realistic scenario. Throughout the exercise, a team of evaluators and coaches guide the players to understand the process and take the team to the next level.

Exercise practice on an annual basis, enables players to gain experience in the roles they would fill in an actual event.

There isn’t one. Each client in each type of industry is different. We understand the current economic climate and work with you to make sure the exercise is a success. There are many factors to consider in developing an exercise and to ensure it meets your goals and objectives.

Exercises tend to be blended to gain the most out of training and exercise components. Example: HAZICS which is blending HAZWOPER and ICS into a training/exercise format. Your exercise can range from a few people in a tabletop-type exercise to hundreds of personnel responding anywhere on the globe.

Wherever or whatever it is, NJR is there to help you.

Exercise development, conduct, and completion through an After-Action Report (AAR) can be a daunting, detailed and a challenging process. We work with clients to ensure exercises meet requirements, client expectations, and are complemented with an AAR. The AAR provides a platform to build towards the next exercise to improve the process and procedures.

Response Plans are never fully ready until they are fire tested and evaluated by what is written and what actually can be done in an emergency response.

We meet with our clients and appropriate agency personnel beforehand to ensure all local, state and federal/national guidelines are met. We are experienced with all aspects of the PREP core components as well as the requirements of states that also have their own regulations. Internationally, NJR also engages with applicable regulatory agencies during the design phase to develop an exercise that satisfies regulatory requirements and agency expectations.

Yes.  Although NJR does a lot of work with oil, gas, and chemical releases, our experience extends to many other types of responses. Our staff has experience with a wide variety of different types of situations, including releases, pandemic response, severe weather (hurricane, earthquake, tsunami) preparedness, security/terrorism/cyber attack, weapons of mass destruction, mass casualty, and provides a STOP THE BLEED® Course. NJR’s clients include airports, cruise and container shipping companies, power companies, water companies, and government agencies. NJR can write your plan, train company personnel, and provide exercise services for any type of operation.

No. NJR has supported exercises ranging from small discussion-based exercises to very large exercises involving equipment deployment, crossing both regulatory and international borders, working in several geographic locations at the same time across both date lines and time zones, and activating the highest levels of corporate and governmental incident management structures. NJR continues to work on developing exercises outside of oil and gas to include international airports, water treatment plants, commercial vehicles, and more.

While NJR’s core staff may seem small, each staff member has an experience and expertise that supports the development and execution of a large-scale exercise. We also have on contract, an unequalled network of expertise which we utilize, as needed, to meet each training or exercise event’s needs. NJR also has a global network that has been vetted and utilized for their experience and expertise.

Yes. NJR utilizes HSEEP principles throughout the exercise planning process, beginning with the Concepts and Objectives Meeting through the Final Planning Meeting and After-Action Reporting.

Yes. NJR will review prior After-Action Reports (AARs) and talk with you to identify areas of ICS process improvement for your team. We will focus our coaching staff on your priorities to progress the development of your team. NJR coaches are field-seasoned responders that have over 20+ years as trainers, responders, and are qualified in their roles.

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