Performance Qualification Standards

Let us standardize and manage your global training program.

NJR will work with you to develop your corporate Performance Qualification Standard (PQS) for Incident Command System/Incident Management System positions.

PQS Program

Our PQS program will allow you to standardize your training programs across multiple business units or regions, ensuring consistent skillsets for your responders regardless of where they are based.

 NJR will also create a qualifications and experience database to track skill levels and readiness for all Incident Management Team members.

This system will be custom designed for your company establishing minimum training, skills, knowledge, and experience standards for incident positions. Qualifications are achieved through classroom training sessions, response exercise participation, by day-to-day job performance, and actual incident responses.

As your staff makes progress on completion of their assigned PQS, NJR will support your staff’s PQS goals by providing PQS-specific training and exercises, and help you track progress towards achieving required qualifications to ensure the readiness of your response organization.