GIS Mapping & Common Operating Picture Support

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysis and mapping of response assets, strategies, and data management within an Incident Command System framework during environmental emergencies and simulated exercises.

GIS Analysis & Common Operating Picture

NJR keeps you informed and ready to make important response decisions during a real or simulated emergency event. NJR’s Ready-Response Common Operating Picture is the latest GIS service available to clients to improve preparedness and allow for quick deployment. Please contact NJR’s GIS department for information on Ready-Response COP, assistance with exercise design, trajectory model construction, simulation field maps and data, and all emergency response mapping needs.

Spill Trajectory Modeling

NJR uses multiple modeling software packages, including RPS ASA OILMAP, to construct on-demand spill trajectory models during emergency responses or simulated exercises. Trajectory models provide valuable time-sensitive information about how a spill is moving and where it will threaten with respect to tides, currents, and weather.

GIS & Mapping

NJR leverages a powerful GIS to collect, manage, and analyze data. We can provide printed display and overview maps, web maps, and a Common Operating Picture. A sample of our GIS mapping services include: