Responding on the Yellowstone River

Early morning launch to worksites

NJR was proud to support response efforts in a liquid asphalt spill in the Yellowstone River near Billings, Montana over this past summer. Serving in the Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Technique (SCAT)/Operations Liaison role, NJR assisted the operations in the field in determining best practices for implementing the cleanup methods recommended by the SCAT teams. Liquid asphalt spills are notoriously tricky because the product changes properties when heated to around 70°F, changing from a pliable solid material to more of a messy ooze. This required the teams in the field to change tactics in the middle of the day, moving from boulders and cobble to sandy areas that were easier to collect once the product’s properties changed.

Light asphalt seeping from sandbank
Crew collecting shoreline tarmat

Whether it is in the Command Post or the field, NJR has a wealth of oil spill response experience that we can leverage to support your team’s response efforts. We make it a point to use this experience to bring a real-world edge to our training and exercises, allowing your teams to benefit from the most current practices and issues from the response world.


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