NJR’s Common Operating Picture for WSMC Worst Case Discharge Exercise 2024

NJR's Common Operating Picture providing Situational Awareness for emergencies, exercises, and trainings across the globe.

In the dynamic realm of emergency response, having access to accurate, up-to-date information is crucial for effective incident management. Recognizing the importance of streamlined information management, NJR partnered with the Washington State Maritime Cooperative (WSMC) to develop a robust Common Operating Picture (COP) to support WSMC’s April 2024 Worst Case Discharge Exercise.

Prior to the exercise, NJR worked closely with WSMC to build a fit-for-purpose COP, customized to meet their specific organizational and scenario needs.

Throughout the exercise, NJR was on scene to perform GIS analysis and manage the COP, providing exercise participants with real-time updates to resource tracking details, simulated observations for wildlife and spilled product positions, as well as information tables featuring critical updates, wildlife assessments, and response strategy status.

With expertise in both data management and emergency response, NJR was able to support WSMC in effective information management during the exercise.


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