NJR teams up with ECM to offer Incident Management Team Services

header-logoTwo of the maritime industry’s leading emergency response networks are pleased to announce their new partnership, launching for clients today.

Nicole Franks, President of NJR, stated, “Our new teaming arrangement with ECM will allow us to serve our clients straight through incident response, in addition to the customized planning, training, exercise services, and response tools we already have in place.”

clients-ecmECM Maritime Services, LLC (ECM), a Qualified Individual and IMT service with over 26 years of experience in the fields of maritime regulatory compliance, vessel inspections, and incident responses, and NJ Resources, Inc. (NJR), a consulting company specializing in improving clients’ preparedness for dealing with emergencies and crisis situations, have entered into a teaming agreement that allows both companies to offer additional services and a more integrated service package.

Michael Minogue, President of ECM added: “ECM has always made it a priority to offer the most comprehensive package of compliance and response expertise available to our clients, and we are proud that our new partnership with NJR will expand our response network still further.”

The teaming arrangement allows ECM and NJR to offer a combined network of nearly 100 experienced consultants and responders throughout the U.S. (West, East, and Gulf Coasts), available 24 hours per day to clients of both companies.

“Our teaming arrangement with NJR allows ECM to seamlessly provide additional responders and response resources in the Pacific Northwest, Canada, California, Alaska, and Hawaii, among other locations,” said Minogue. “ECM has long been rooted in pollution prevention and response, and we are looking forward not only to the expanded incident response network our partnership with NJR will facilitate, but also their acclaimed software services.”

Franks noted, “Given the increased importance placed by the United States Coast Guard and state regulators on faster and larger responses to incidents, we believe our teaming arrangement with ECM is a tremendous added value to our clients. The responsibilities and stakes associated with a response are enormous, and we are proud to have expanded our services to better assist our clients.”