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We are pleased to announce that NJ Resources, Inc. (NJR) is now formally offering Qualified Individual and Incident Management Team (IMT) services accessible via a 24-hour dispatch center. In support of this new service, we have entered into a teaming agreement with ECM Maritime Services, Inc. (ECM), a leading US Qualified Individual and IMT service provider with over 26 years of experience in the “fields of maritime regulatory compliance, vessel inspections, and incident responses, to provide QI and IMT services.

U.S. Qualified Individual and Incident Management Team (IMT) services

  • Key positions within the Incident Command System are staffed with experienced personnel from NJ Resources and our response network.
  • Responders available throughout the United States: West Coast, East Coast, Gulf Coast
  • Access to nearly 100 experienced responders via 24-hour dispatch center.