Northwest Area Contingency Plan Changes

To restore and facilitate area contingency planning and management activities at the local COTP/FOSC level (as discussed above and so directed by the NCP) and to align with the rest of the service, distinct coastal zone ACPs and associated area committees will now be maintained/managed by the pre-designated FOSCs at both Sector Columbia River and Sector Puget Sound. The coastal zone ACPs will no longer be managed as a subordinate component of the NWACP.  See the attached USCG Office of Marine Environmental Response (MER) Marine Safety Information Bulletin (MER-MSIB 23-20) for more details and links to the new Area Contingency Plans (ACPs) for Puget Sound and the Columbia River.

These ACPs are for the Coast Guard Puget Sound and Columbia River COTP Zones. Coast Guard Sectors Puget Sound and Columbia River recognize the Northwestern Area Contingency Plan (NWACP) as the Regional and Inland Area Contingency Plan.

The Northwestern Area Contingency Plan has been adopted as the state’s Oil and Hazardous Substance Spill Prevention and Response Plan, as required by statues (Chapter 90.56.060 RCW). The NWACP applies to the activities of all state and local agencies involved in managing oil and hazardous substance spills where state and local agencies respond to a spill or potential spill of oil or hazardous substances.

While you do not need to update your response plans only to address this change, you should incorporate this change in your next annual review and plan revision.

If you have questions or concerns about this change, or would like help updating your plan, please contact Agneta Dahl at (425) 419-6551.

USCG Marine Safety Information Bulletin