NJR conducts off-shore permit-to-operate response exercise in Aberdeen, Scotland

NJ Resources, Inc. (NJR) supported the design, and successful facilitation and evaluation of exercise of a Tier III oil spill scenario held in Aberdeen, Scotland.  The exercise was an integral part of the client’s oil spill response preparedness program and was conducted in accordance with UK requirements for the Offshore Installations (Emergency Pollution Control) Regulations 2002, requiring UK Oil and Gas Operators to hold an evaluated exercise involving the Secretary of States Representative (SOSREP) every 3 years.

The exercise was a three-day command post style exercise which commenced with a call coming in to the Emergency Response Room (ERR) notifying the duty ERR manager of a simulated incident at an offshore platform in the northern North Sea.  The first day of the incident was managed out of the ERR and then transitioned to the Incident Command Post (ICP) for days two and three of the response.

In addition to the responsible party responders and contractors, the SOSREP and his deputy, as well as the UK Department of Business, Energy and Industrial (BEIS) were active participants in, and evaluators of, the exercise.  After the event, the SOSREP announced the regulation objectives and requirements had been met, therefore continued permission to operate in the North Sea would be granted.  In addition, the SOSREP stated this was the best exercise he had attended in his 13 years as SOSREP.