NJR Completes First Responder Training for the Port of Brownsville, TX

Brownsville, TX

NJR recently assisted the Port of Brownsville, TX by conducting first responder refresher training.  Fifty-One First Responders assembled at the Port of Brownsville and responded to an instructor led training program that simulated an incident.  Once engaged, the teams began conducting assessments and evaluate how to effectively respond in a safe manner.  The two teams, worked out the response and provided brief to the incident commander on response safety, response objectives and what resources would be required based on the resources at the port.  The U.S. Coast Guard, after the day-long training, indicated this was the best training they have attended.  Personnel at the Port of Brownsville stated they have a much better understanding and for future incidents they will view their response and investigations in a different light.  Respond Safe!

The challenge for instructors is how do you make HAZWOPER (or any type of training) an exciting learning experience?  At NJR we make the course fully instructor/student interactive by including multiple activities that challenge the participating student decision-making, work with their specified plans and anchor the training program goals and skills development.  The training is utilizing iPad activities coupled with mini projectors to fully engage the teams.