NJ Resources, Inc. (NJR) recently designed and facilitated a customized training and exercise program for a two-day event in Mexico City, Mexico.  Day one consisted of interactive classroom ICS training and was followed by a Worst-Case Discharge exercise based on a gas release from a transmission line scenario on the second day.  The training program emphasized teambuilding and the ICS process, while the exercise allowed the participants to conduct first Responder activities utilizing the ICS processes learned in class.

The Incident Management Team (IMT) was comprised of first responders from Canada, the United States, and Mexico testing the company’s Mexico Region response plan and their ability to respond to an incident in Mexico utilizing both local and international responders.

The exercise started at hour zero and had responders take all actions they normally would.  The responders conducted notifications, assessments, source isolation, IMT activation, and mobilization of response resources appropriate to the scenario.

The program developed by NJR was very well received and the regional manager stated the interactive training and exercise program developed by NJR successfully accomplished what previous years of on-line training had failed to do, namely allowing responders to practice concepts that previously were only notional, not actual.  The interactive learning fully engaged the responders, and the exercise allowed them to put in to practice the processes learned in class.