NJ Resources, Inc (NJR) conducted an Incident Command System (ICS) 300 training workshop.  ICS 300 is for personnel that may serve as command, command staff, and general staff.  ICS 300 is considered an Intermediate ICS for Expanding incidents.  Using a workshop type format, NJR covered the following areas during the workshop:

  • ICS Staffing and organization to include reporting and working relationships and information flow.
  • Unified Command functions in a multi-jurisdictional or multi-agency incident
  • Transfer of Command, mission planning and procurement
  • Use of ICS forms
  • Resource Management (Ordering and Tracking)

Working with terminal personnel, NJR designed the workshop towards the unique parameters that apply to the local facility, and incorporated local response concerns, area plans and regional support options within the training.  All participants were issued certificates of completion documenting the successful conclusion of all workshop activities and exercise.