The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) has published the Oil Spill Response Exercise Guidance: A manual for planning, Conducting, and Evaluating Exercises. The guidance manual is part of a dedicated effort to improve DEC’s Oil Spill Response Exercise Program to better serve the needs of regulated oil operators, response action contractors, state and federal agencies, and other exercise stakeholders, while improving oil spill response preparedness within the State.

As part of DEC’s Spill Response Exercise Improvement Project, DEC conducted outreach efforts with stakeholders to collaborate on improvements.  DEC’s outreach efforts included release of a white paper in the spring of 2016, an online survey in November 2016 and two web-based visioning sessions in December 2016.  A summary of the survey, the visioning session results, and DEC’s preliminary decisions on key topics were presented in an all-day stakeholder’s workshop in April 2017.  DEC considered the input gained from these efforts in the development of the exercise Guidance.  To download the guidance manual go to:

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