NJR is a dedicated team of experienced response professionals. Our team consists of both full-time employees and a cadre of contracted response professionals we have engaged for many years. Our large contractor network is made up of personnel who are well respected experts in their field with whom we have direct experience and who are familiar with our standards and expectations.


Ms. Franks has over 26 years of professional experience in environmental regulatory compliance and emergency response planning, training, and exercises. She has designed and executed many large (300+ persons) and smaller focused emergency response exercises for all types of facilities and vessels around the globe. She designs tailored training courses in various aspects of emergency response including the Incident Command System, and is experienced at training different audiences from facility operators to emergency responders and company executives.

She has also developed a multitude of response plans for petroleum industry clients, including terminals, tank farms, pipelines, and tank/non-tank vessels. Twenty-five years ago, Nicole founded NJ Resources, the recognized expert in emergency response preparedness in the petroleum industry.


Agneta Dahl, a certified Master Exercise Practitioner (MEP), brings a wealth of experience in the maritime safety field.  She retired from the U. S. Coast Guard as a Commander with 22 years of service in the U. S. and overseas.  She has extensive experience in oil spill prevention and response, incident management, contingency planning, and exercise design, facilitation and evaluation.  She has been an instructor at the International Maritime Organization’s World Maritime University in Sweden where, in addition to teaching, she managed a project focused on contingency planning and cross-border incident management for fourteen Baltic nations.

Ms. Dahl is multi-lingual. She is Incident Command System (ICS) qualified, holds a BS in Biology, and holds an MS in Quality Systems Management.


Joseph brings 39 years of knowledge and experience in the regulatory arena with both the United States Coast Guard (USCG) and the State of Texas.  In his 21 years of experience in the USCG, Joseph was a Marine Vessel Inspector, Federal On-Scene Coordinator’s Representative, Spill Response Officer, Facility Compliance Officer, and Training Instructor.  In his 18 years as a Senior Response Officer with the Texas General Land Office (TGLO) Oil Spill Division, he was designated as a lead senior trainer and instructor for spill response, equipment deployments, vessel and facility compliance, and State On-Scene Coordinator’s Representative.

During this time he was also a planner, designer, State On-Scene Coordinator and instructor for regional and international training and exercise, including being part of the design team for MEXUS since the first exercise in 2002. Over the past 15 years Joseph has been an authorized Train-the-Trainer under the Hazardous Material Research Institute (HMTRI) and National Institute for Environmental Health Science (NIEHS).  He has also been an OSHA authorized trainer for General Industry, Construction, Ship-breaking, Agricultural Terrorism, and the maritime industry.  He has been a detailed plan writer for maritime and petrochemical facilities, including international airports.  Lastly he has been a FEMA authorized Train-the-Trainer for deliverables of the incident command system (ICS) and section-specific training.

His response background with the State of Texas and the USCG has provided Joseph an extensive knowledge in all levels of industry and maritime vessels, and an in-depth understanding of regulatory requirements


Mei Mendoza joins the NJ Resources team with a vast knowledge of HSE, spanning onshore, offshore, and office based operations.  She has more than 15 years in manufacturing experience with the last 10 years in oil and gas.  As the HSE Supervisor for CBRE working with Chevron, she managed all contractor vetting and HSE operations and business continuity account-wide.  She also created safety processes and implemented a safety intervention program for U.S. and Asia Pacific offices.

As the Management Information HSE Analyst for Shell, she worked alongside Geophysical and Geomatic Operations in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, and Colombia.  She has been a member of Shell’s IMT in emergency response for more than 8 years where she worked on the Kulluk Tow Response and Fort McMurray Wildfire Response.  She assisted in the creation and then lead the implementation of a behavioral-based safety program beginning at Shell’s Houston Woodcreek office then led efforts in the rollout to other sites as the program was adopted globally.

Mrs. Mendoza’s earlier years in oil & gas began in the Shell Joint Venture refinery, Motiva, located in Port Arthur, Texas.  There she was LEAN practitioner and completed several process improvement projects, including the redesign of the plant’s warehouse storage system to optimize delivery and receipt tracking throughout the refinery, resulting in thousands of dollars in cost savings.  She also served on the investigation team for a multi-month, multi-million-dollar Crude Distillation Unit failure investigation.


Mr. Ryan has over 15 years of professional and operational experience in environmental preparedness, planning and emergency response operations, exercises and training.  He has demonstrated expertise in providing emergency environmental response and crisis mapping using ESRI ArcGIS, QGIS, Microsoft Office, and marine oil spill modeling software.  He showcased his organization and management expertise in numerous domestic and international GIS projects throughout the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii) and internationally in Nova Scotia, The Netherlands, Singapore, Hong Kong, Argentina, and Brazil.

Mr. Ryan successfully managed a team of 16 data specialists, was the designated trainer and coordinator for a team of 60+ data specialists that achieved top results with numerous mapping and database projects.  His leadership ensured weekly project benchmarks and that goals were met.  Mr. Ryan was part of a team that constructed a quality control system for multiple mapping projects.   His keen attention to detail in analyzing satellite imagery resulted in the digitation of key map features for use in data analysis and database schemes.

Mr. Ryan’s expert ability and experience with emergency response operations, GPS data collection, and vessel navigation were key contributors to successful operations during Deepwater Horizon oil spill, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and multiple spills in Puget Sound.  He was Project Lead for state mandated Wildlife Rehabilitation Response Project and assisted with a feasibility study for GIS application to oil spill response readiness and logistics with outside vendors working seamlessly with State environmental agencies to perform a Geographic Response Plan Reconnaissance and Evaluation.  He has demonstrated ability in data development/assembly during the design and execution of worst-case scenario drills and table-top exercises utilizing his technical and organizational skills.  He has demonstrated skill using ESRI and ArcGIS during real events and simulated exercises in an Incident Command System environment and perform research and written reports on environmental and natural disasters.


Britnee Powell is the Office Manager and a Junior Incident Management Consultant for NJR.  She is skilled at many administrative support duties such as accounting, invoicing, social media marketing, planning and scheduling, communications, QA/QC, and more.

As a Junior Incident Management Consultant, she has developed and enacted new policies and procedures for all employees. She has assisted in creating Exercise Plans and updating various Response Plans and Operations Manuals. She has developed other client deliverables such as, Planning Meeting Presentations and After-Action Reports. She is an editorial reviewer for the company and provides quality assessments on documents and deliverables when needed.

Britnee is ICS certified and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas.