We strive to provide the best emergency and crisis preparedness training and consulting services.  This feedback from our clients reaffirms our commitment to our industry and helps us improve our product and service models.

“Best exercise I’ve seen in 13 years.”

Hugh Shaw, United Kingdom Secretary of State representative (SOSREP)

“I just wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks to you all for making the Exercise this week such a big success.  I have received a number of positive accolades from both BEIS (UK Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) and the SOSREP (UK Secretary of State Representative).”

Vice President Upstream, Director Shell UK and Ireland
In 2016 alone, NJR conducted six tabletop exercises for natural gas pipeline operations and eight tabletop exercises for oil pipeline operations. Each exercise was customized to the exercise location and stated objectives. The facilitation of the exercises was conducted in a fashion where our responders felt the stress of an actual response but were not overwhelmed. The structure of the exercises set our responders up for success and allowed them to learn from the event. Each exercise was also evaluated and received detailed After Action Reports for each event, which facilitates our continued preparedness improvement.

The exercise was well planned and executed. The injects were well written and authentic as to what real-world problems the response team might experience. DEQ looks forward to working with you again in the future.

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
Thanks again for a great job planning for and conducting the drill. It was a huge success, which would not have happened without your help. It was by far, the best drill I have attended. You and your team were wonderful.
I learned more from this exercise than any exercise I have ever participated in.
Alyeska Exercise Participant
I want to thank you for the great oil spill drill you facilitated for us yesterday. I believe everyone there was really involved in trying to resolve the issues you brought before the group. I especially found the pre-drill ICS refresher very educational for the group. No one there had ever received such a clear briefing on the ICS history, concept and its practical use.d
PetroDiamond Terminals
Congratulations on taking on a worst-case drill and hitting it out of the park.
U.S. Coast Guard
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your strident efforts to make the Week in the Life Exercise a success for the Alaska Venture. The exercise reallyhelped to make the Alaska team better prepared for the pace, intensity, and intricacy that will be experienced during actual operating conditions. The Exercise Steering Team noted that your particular contributions stood out as noteworthy for your enthusiasm, original thinking, and good, old-fashioned hard work. Efforts like yours define Ann Pickard’s mantra of DzOperating Exceptionally Well.
Shell Alaska Venture
This was an intense and well-crafted scenario implemented with very well briefed role players.
ConocoPhillips/Polar Tankers
I want to extend a warm thank you to the NJ Resources Team. The training and materials enabled the staff at CPBR to participate in our exercise as informed and confident leaders. It is extremely important to CPBR that we show to all the Federal, State, and Local Regulators that we stand ready and capable in the event of an incident at our facility and the NJ Resources Team preparation was extremely important in that cause. I personally received compliments from all agencies present on the exercise and personnel from CPBR readiness. This reflects the efforts of the staff here at CPBR as well as the NJ Resources Team.
Columbia Pacific Bio-Refinery